Coke Storage Dome

Site Rajasthan
Crane AC 1000-9, AC 700-9, AC 500-2, AC500-1, AC 350-6, AC 350-1, AC 250-1 & AC 200-1
Configuration Main Boom and SuperLift
Job Tandem Lifting of dome 126 m diameter and 250 MT weight at 16 m height                  

Mumbai Metro (Powai Yard)

Site Mumbai Metro ( Powai Yard )
Crane Demag AC 1000 - 9
Configuration 25.8 Meters of Main Boom with 168 MT counterweight
Job Retrieval of (TBM) Tunnel Boring Machine of 142 MT
For Mumbai Metro Powai Yard.                  

Demolition of Kalyan Patripul

Site Kalyan Patripul, Thane
Crane Terex Demag CC-2800-1
Configuration 72 Meters of Main Boom at 35 Meters radius & 92MT weight
Job Demolition of 104-year old Kalyan Patripul in record 5 hours Railway block.                  

Mumbai Metro

Site Mumbai Metro (Marol)
Crane Terex Demag AC 700-9
Specification 19.3 Meters of Main Boom with 160 MT conterweight
Job Lowering of (TBM) Tunnel Boring Machine of 139 MT for Mumbai Metro at Marol

Bijapur Windmill

Site Bijapur, Karnataka
Crane Terex Demag AC 500-2
Configuration 51.8 Meters of Main Boom + 62 Meters of Luffing with 30ĚŠ SSL
Job Repair work of windmill at a height of approx. 110 meters Karnataka

Cairn India Ltd

Site Cairn India Ltd. at Rajasthan
Crane Nos. 09 Terex Demag cranes
Configuration Providing various capacities crane for turnaround job                            
Job Turnaround job at CIL, Rajasthan

Mumbai International Airport (T2)

Site Mumbai International Airport (T2)
Crane Terex Demag AC 500-1
Configuration 33 Meters of Main Boom + 28 Meters of Luffing Offset
Job Working at Mumbai Airport T2                  

1st Rooftop Heliped In Mumbai City

Crane Terex Demag AC 200-1
Configuration 67 Meters of Main Boom +33 Meters of Luffing
Job Installation of 33 MT border panels at a height of approx. 90 Meters    
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